Access Control/Video Surveillance

Access Control

Technology is a fast-paced race with an ever-changing course. Keyless door entry and biometric readers are types of access controls that provide for the management of restricted access to designated areas such as office buildings, condominiums, hotels, schools, residences and more.

Access controls present a solution for home and business owners to provide an added layer of security to any space.

SoundWorks professionals will integrate, install and maintain custom access controls to meet your needs and remain within your budget.

Video Surveillance/CCTV

The advanced monitoring technology of Video Surveillance/CCTV (closed circuit television) combines high definition video cameras and recorders allowing you to view live footage from the internet or your smartphone.

Modern video surveillance systems analytics provide more than just security. The systems allow for the tracking and monitoring of multiple aspects of operations.

SoundWorks offers a range of camera and network video recorder options for your monitoring needs.